Let's make our rivers
safe for all

Protect the River Windrush from sewage pollution


Rivers are for wildlife and people. Not sewage pollution.

We're a group of volunteers, investigating the pollution of the River Windrush & her sister rivers. We've discovered that untreated sewage is being dumped into the water -- sometimes in huge quantities and for long periods of time. This is happening to rivers across the country.

The River Windrush at Bourton-on-the-Water, upstream of the sewage works

We collect and analyse information on water quality and sewage discharges. Without this work, the scale of the pollution in the Windrush Valley would remain hidden.


This photo shows the River Windrush in 2009. The water is clear and the weed is abundant – ideal conditions for wildlife.

Photo by Peter Hammond, May 2009

River Windrush May 2009.jpg


This photo was taken in 2020, in similar conditions. As you can see, the water is grey. The weed has gone, taking with it the habitat and food for many animals.

Photo taken in August 2020

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