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Saving the
River Windrush

Conducting a study of freshwater shrimps on the River Windrush


We're a Registered Charity, based in Oxfordshire. We're working to end the sewage pollution of the River Windrush. Our aim is to make rivers safe for all.
Registered Charity Number 1199418.

Monitoring river invertebrates to understand the impact of pollution

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Thanks to sewage pollution, the River Windrush is increasingly hostile to life. We want to give animals back their homes.

Photo of water vole taken by Peter Hammond near the River Windrush


The River Windrush used to be a community asset. It was somewhere people could play, paddle and swim. We want to make the river safe for all.

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Our aims

Make rivers safe for all

Rivers should be safe for everyone - from invertebrates (which are a vital part of the food chain) to fish, birds and mammals, such as ourselves.

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Stop sewage pollution

End the illegal release of untreated sewage into the River Windrush

(and her sister rivers).

Raise the bar

Improve standards so legally discharged waste doesn't harm the River Windrush 
(or her sister rivers).

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"We want to pass the river onto the next generation as an asset - not a liability."

Ash Smith, WASP Founder

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What we do

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We collect and analyse data on water quality, the processes that lead to sewage pollution and the impact it has on the environment. Citizen Science is a big part of what we do - working with local volunteers and  professional scientists.


We campaign, inform and educate to improve awareness of the issues, providing accurate and balanced information. Our story has been picked up by BBC and ITV News – as well as national newspapers.


We work across political parties and collaborate with charities who have similar goals. We also engage with companies and gov't agencies responsible for managing sewage.

WASP in the news

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Fancy a longer read?

Monitoring water quality

A detailed look at our key
water sampling activities

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We want our river back

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