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Water Day at WODC

22 October at 10am at the WODC Wood Green Offices.

Windrush joining the Thames. Windrush rather sadly on the right.

Link to the meeting

WASP is presenting for 30 minutes + 15 mins questions (We will be challenging and aiming high and we will have compelling evidence to back up what we say) between the Environment Agency and Thames Water both with 45 mins + 15 mins questions. Evenlode also doing 10 minutes on water quality.

Come along if you can and ask the hard questions. We know that talking about this every year is not the answer unless these converstions result in enough progress to make a difference.

Thanks to WODC for making it happen.

Windrush at the River Dikler confluence. Windrush in the foreground.

We hope that Thames Water and the Agency will both have ambitious proposals to offer up rather than playing the terrible defensive game of denial that we saw last year.

We hope to see you there.

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