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Yes, Minister?

It seems that this question is proving too difficult for Secretary of State for the Environment, George Eustice and his team at Defra to answer.

This is about the lengthy spills of untreated sewage caused last winter by 'groundwater infiltration' to the sewers in many areas.

The Environment Agency says that it is illegal but it seems it never prosecutes the offences despite this being widespread across the country. In fact they have been covering it up but the cat is out of the bag, and it's not a cat...

No wonder our rivers are wrecked.

Mr Eustice, this won't go away. We will be happy to tell you what is being withheld from your view - if you want to know.

The enclosures will go on a separate blog

for the people who like to find the devil in the detail - like WASP does! Just come back to look for it on the site in a day or so.


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Libby Ranzetta
11 sept 2020

So no answer since 15th July?

Me gusta
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