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WASPING at home.

Following government advice, adapting to a different way of living together and doing it well is the message we are hearing.


Helping the people who have to be in the front line by not making life harder for them is the very least we can do.

We rely on the boundless enthusiasm of our volunteers but now is not the time to push the limits of what we are allowed to do - let's stick to the instructions and get out the other side of this in one piece, together.

Responding to the crisis and volunteering for any of the assistance projects takes absolute priority of course.

If you are not engaged in that activity, it does not mean that there is nothing for you to do for WASP with your free time. There is plenty of research, reading, writing, admin and thinking to do and if you find yourselves with the opportunity and a desire to help, you will be very welcome to join our growing band of volunteers.

We have the chance to get some good teams working safely together, planning, learning and primed for when the brakes come off.

Our communication methods will adapt and we will experiment with some of the new video conferencing facilities available online and try it with small and larger groups. It should be a good way to keep our sense of purpose and community together.

Some time, sooner or later, we will be able to meet again face to face, and when we do it will be with a real sense of value, privilege and a determination to make sure that we get our rivers back in a state that is safe for all.

We do not have to accept a polluted environment.

Sincere and huge thanks to all of the health workers and essential services including a big thanks to the people still serving us at the tills. Without you all, we would be in deep trouble.

Cleaner water is coming.



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