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WASP walks and talks

Coming soon around the Windrush Catchment and possibly further afield.

Water Boatman beetle

The time to engage more closely with the river and the people who value it is upon us as summer approaches.

It is the perfect time to develop the WASP side of the Windrush recovery Project agreement with Thames Water. That means seeking out and dealing with water company pollution but also the other negative impacts of the river and its tributaries.

We will be talking about what WASP has achieved, what is going on and what people can do to help make our river, and others, safe for all.

Thinking of a couple of larger venues like Witney Corn Exchange and Burford's Warwick Hall, and also some village halls as well as outside venues especially those with somewhere to get under cover if it rains.

Still being sensible about Covid but with improving weather, ventilation and restrictions on numbers by running free ticket admission we should be able to operate for people who are happy with that.

Thames Water's CEO, Sarah Bentley (centre) talking to WASP team near Burford last July

For those who want or need to be more cautious we will also try to include a Zoom link and if anyone out there knows how to do that well, please get in touch.

As the weather improves but before the bankside vegetation overwhelms us, we will also do some walks and talks with some experienced WASP volunteers, and maybe some guest experts to look at the ecology and to learn how to identify problems that can be resolved as part of the Windrush Recovery Project.

The Cotswolds Rivers Trust is going to be very much part of this work.

We hope we will also see some Thames Water Staff on some of these outings as we pursue joint objectives. The Environment Agency will be invited as well.

WASP and Cotswolds Rivers Trust visiting Bourton to discuss the upgrade plan

Main dates coming soon.



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