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WASP Video

Get bang up to date on what WASP is digging into now. Where the money goes and how the companies and regulators are really performing.

Provided on their talk archive by our excellent hosts, Libby Ranzetta and Mark Wilkinson from the Chalk Aquifer Alliance.

It's the one titled Windrush WASP: What did privatisation of the water industry ever do for us.

WASP's Prof Peter Hammond and Ash Smith talking about the scandalous extraction of bill payers money in exchange for pollution and how it is done, with a Q and A including guest panellist David Hall, visiting Professor at the Public Services International Research Unit at Greenwich University - an expert on the financial scandal.

Two ways to view - click the link below but it may only allow a small screen - or copy and paste this in to your browser and watch the video there for a bigger view.

Answers to the questions left over from the Q and A coming on this blog very soon.



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