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WASP Turbidity Wand

Turbidity means murkiness in the river in simple terms and we know the Windrush has been suffering more and more in recent years.

For the people who could make and use this really simple device without breaking any of the COVID 19 rules this will be a great way to keep the WASP ball rolling and not let pollution and the polluter take advantage of the lockdown.

We have chosen easily sourced materials and tools with very low tech construction so that you should not need to go out of your way to make the wand.

If you walk by the river and can just take this wand with you about once a week and dip it in the water, take one number and log it in through your mobile phone or email when you get home, you will be part of a really interesting project.

If you think it will take you off a reasonable exercise route or take too long to justify it, then please don't do anything you think is off limits during these difficult days.

If you live by the river, as some of you do, then this would be a great help and you will see the other locations recording as well for comparison.

More information will be posted about turbidity and why it is important.

contact and title your mail 'Wand' to get involved.



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