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WASP Talks

We have been giving live talks and question and answer sessions again, as well as Zoom video events. We have been really pleased with the responses and the interest generated among communities and groups.

WASP on the live Rivercide Documentary last year.

In case you missed it.

There is a growing appetite for people to know what is really happening to our waters and what they can do to stop them being used as dumping grounds for untreated sewage.

You can also find out what the Environment Act really means behind the hype and promises.

If you think your town or village or group would like a presentation and you can find a venue where we can operate in sensible COVID aware conditions with the IT (a projector and screen is OK) for a presentation to be delivered, get in touch at and please title it WASP TALK.

For a real-life presentatiton, we can cover the Windrush, Leach, Coln, Evenlode and Cherwell Valleys. Wider than that is possible, depending on the event but more likely to be Zoom.

Equally, if you prefer Zoom, we can do that and could amalgamate groups if that would work for you.

What do we charge? - nothing, we want people to have easy access to the facts. If you like what we do and would like to make a donation to WASP, we will use it to fund our volunteers' activities.



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