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Unanswered questions.

It is a week since we did the 'What did privatisation of the water industry ever do for us?' talk so here are a few extras and answers to questions we didn't have time for because the football was on...

The talk video is available on the previous blog.

The company layers that are not regulated in this key public resource supplier

The way in which our essentials are funded and controlled is forcing its way onto the political stage whether politicians want to talk about it or not.

There are some excellent papers available for anyone who is interested in this subject and here are two examples. Our guest panellist Prof David Hall has done a huge amount of work in this area and while Water UK has contested some content, it has not come up with the evidence to back up those challenges. Strangely it won't even acknowledge our request for it to back up its recent claims about investment made in response to a WASP expose'.

Try these as copy and paste links if they don't light up.

2022rev-34274-hall_water_and_sewerage_company_finances.pdf (

And here is a PDF with some answers to questions we didn't answer.

Qand A wrap up
Download PDF • 773KB

By the way, we are going to be at Charlbury on Saturday - the Riverside Music Festival, and at the Wychwood Forest Fair at Witney on Sunday so please drop by if you are at either of those.



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