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Thames Water says no.

The decision from the Executive Chairman is to not notify the local community of a spill of untreated sewage from Witney to reduce the risk - as yet unknown - from COVID19.

Here is the explanation

We know that scientific study is underway to investigate the risk as it is far from certain. We also know that a lot of work is going on around the world to use the known presence of COVID19 in sewage - whether or not infectious, as a way to establish the location and extent of infected people.

We have seen COVID 19 crisis unfold and we have seen how inertia and ignoring risk have fared against taking sensible precautions. No surprises really, these lessons have been learned many times over.

This would have been a precaution provided at very little cost as the untreated sewage alarms are monitored at a 24 hour control room.

Disappointing, and an indication that the interests of the company are still way ahead of the interests of the customer and community.

WASP will continue to pursue this issue.



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