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Riverfly Training

We have another opportunity to train volunteers in Riverfly monitoring.

This means a day training in how to catch, identify and count invertebrates. Then release them to do what they do.

You will work as a pair in your local area or where you would like to travel to. You need to be fit enough to get in and out of shallow bits of river safely and to be able to identify the invertebrates you catch, score the results and submit them via a computer or other device.

It is fascinating , valuable to the WASP campaign and the national assessment and is very enjoyable if you like this sort of thing!

Commitment is about 2 hours a month all in. You can do more.

If you put your name down before and could not make it, please apply again to or via the contact page on the website and tell me if it is OK to share your email in the Riverfly training group as we set this event up - including for travel share.



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