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River knowledge network.

A key part of the Windrush recovery project is going to involve linking local people with the Thames Water team carrying out the infrastructure repair work on the ground.

Some of you may have to grit your teeth with this as you may have been complaining about problems for years and may say that they already know but we still want and need your help to maximise the willingness of the company to bring an end to pollution.

An off the radar sewage spill that can be so harmful to our rivers

These problems and pieces of intelligence will be logged using a mapping tool and we will be able to check progress and identify those that are resolved and those that are not.

We have already started identifying problem areas. Some will be caused by Thames Water but others will not and solving those issues will be one of the aims for WASP and where local communities will come in.

Some of the questions that need to be answered are these:

Do you know where surface water and groundwater get into sewers?

Do you know where sewage gets into surface water drains.

Does the rainwater from your roof go to the sewer?

Public meetings will be set up in the Windrush catchment and communication channels will be set up. We hope that Thames Water will be as open as we will be and we will share our knowledge and hopefully help with some solutions, like diverting roof rainfall to water butts and garden irrigation.

We will also help with what to look for and how to track down problems using things like the WASP foam catcher which is used to work up from a source to where it stops and then home in on the problem.

Simple and effective. Floating pipe and a bit of string tells the tale.

Please help us with this and let's see what we can achieve in double-quick time. This is an emergency and we need action now.

More information coming and to end on a nice image - above Bourton on the Water



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