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Protests tomorrow: End Sewage Pollution

You might already be aware that Surfers Against Sewage are organising a series of protests tomorrow (April 23rd).

Apologies for the short notice, but if you're interested in going to an End Sewage Pollution protest, the closest ones to us are in:

"This year, industry and government must put their words into action and deliver on their commitments to tackle sewage pollution. And it’s up to us to keep the pressure on.
We are bringing together the energy, anger and momentum from the last 30 years for a national day of action on water quality. 11 protests across the UK. Each targeting one water company. Thousands of people demanding action."
- Surfers Against Sewage

Here's the full list of protests:

  • Scottish Water, Edinburgh, 13:00

  • Northern Ireland Water, Belfast, 13:00

  • Yorkshire Water, Scarbororugh, 13:00

  • Northumbrian Water, Tynemouth, 10:30

  • Wessex Water, Bath, 13:00

  • Welsh Water, Abergavenny, 11:00

  • Severn Trent, Stoke Bardolf, 13:00

  • Anglian Water, Manningtree, 12:00

  • Thames Water, London, 13:00

  • Southern Water, Worthing, 13:00

  • South West Water, Newquay, 13:00

  • United Utilities, Liverpool, 11:00

And here's the link to the Surfers Against Sewage webpage if you'd like to find out more.

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