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Of Course, it's Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our volunteers, supporters and donors for helping us to shine a light on the sewage pollution scandal in 2022.

Sundown on the Windrush - some darkness, and then sunrise.

And a big thanks to the many reporters from local and national media without whom the truth would still be concealed and failure would be painted as success. The coverage has been exceptional across the country.

Of course, we can't forget the professional staff at the sharp end and in the freedom of information offices at Thames Water - nor the Environment Agency staff who do their best despite appalling restrictions from their leaders. We are all in this together in the fight for clean water.

2023 is going to see WASP continue to expose the broken system that diverts billpayers' money to shareholder funds instead of to Thames Water staff and upgrading failing assets.

You will definitely see more about the strange goings-on in the field of regulation.

However, we will also be pushing much harder on finding ways for people to break out of the hopeless cycle of pathetic targets that government seems to expect the public to swallow - some now pushed back from 2027 to 2063.

For example, WASP will be working on ensuring sewage upgrades are made before sewage works fail, not many years afterwards. Increasing numbers of local councillors are engaging in this - and there is a lot more in the pipeline.

But that's heavy enough for New Year's Day - Enjoy the sunshine, rain, snow or whatever comes, wherever you are today.



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