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Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very merry and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters and donors for helping WASP to do so much in 2021.

Pollution by the water industry is still terrible and inexcusable but a sincere thank you to the many Thames Water staff we have worked with for their professionalism and integrity in difficult circumstances and those doing their best to keep our waters safe.

Thank you to those staff in Ofwat and the Environment Agency who have responded to our enquiries with integrity.

Thank you journalists without whom nothing good would happen in this business.

Three wild trout near Carterton - what our rivers would look like when unpolluted.

We look forward to sharing some successes and seeing some results in 2022.

Of course, none of this should be the ongoing battle it has turned out to be. Who doesn't want clean unpolluted waters in our country?

Aiming as always for rivers and seas safe for all.

Happy Christmas from WASP



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