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It's back up..

Another opportunity has arisen to apply for the job of Project Officer for the Windrush Recovery Project as the job is readvertised.

4 days a week for 2 years working for the Cotswolds Rivers Trust.

This project moves into new territory that Thames Water and WASP are exploring with the CRT to deliver an end to untreated sewage and to bring improved effluent to our river with WASP and other groups and individuals working on identifying, stopping or reducing other pollution sources - and giving the river a boost along the way.

Whoever gets this job will be working with some very interesting people in some fascinating places across the catchment and beyond.

The learning curve will be steep and with the contacts to be made and the experience to be gained in a fast-developing field, this job presents great potential - and the satisfaction of being an important part of a major step forward.

If the project works as well as we intend it will, it will be genuinely groundbreaking and will be a fantastic experience and a tremendous CV asset.

The job spec is here and if you think you have the skills and the attitude to make it work, please contact Dr Richard Knowles, Chairman of the Cotswolds Rivers Trust:

Windrush Project Officer - Job Advert - Revised (17th January 22)
Download PDF • 149KB

or me, Ash Smith on



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