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Introducing ORIC

You may already have seen the Oxford Rivers Improvement Campaign in the news for a report they have just published about pollution by the water industry in Oxfordshire.

The Thames - Oxfordshire's biggest river.

This is the headline from their press release.

New report reveals big increase in volume of untreated sewage pollution in the rivers around Oxford - weak regulators and Government effectively allow Thames Water to discharge almost at will.

ORIC does not have a website yet so has asked WASP to make the report available here. We haven't fact-checked it and have not been involved in writing it but it is an interesting piece of work from a new and interesting group that you may be interested to look into as more groups and people become engaged in the battle to save our waters.

Thames Water has not had time to respond to it yet and we will be interested to see the company's response.

Here is the link



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