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Happy New Year from WASP

Very best wishes and thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters for your help in 2020.

Here we go into 2021.

This is the Windrush at Widford New Year's Day 2021, running clearer than I have ever seen it in high fast water after the December floods.

Dilution is high and it looks more like the old photos and videos we have in our collection. More like the unpolluted river still found in the upper reaches. The point is that we can get this river back to good health and here is a glimpse what it can be like all year round.

2020, despite all of the challenges and tragedies, saw a huge shift towards action for clean rivers and the formation of a national coalition of small groups like WASP working with bigger charities like Surfers Against Sewage and the Rivers Trusts.

The value of MP Philip Dunne's Private Members Bill - the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill, has already been way beyond what we had expected and we go into 2021 stronger and with determination and optimism.

WASP will meet with Thames Water in January to seek a joint way forward.

We have high aspirations and are prepared to give the right Windrush plan 100% commitment so if the encouraging words of the new CEO, Sarah Bentley, result in positive action there will be big changes ahead.

Happy and Healthy New Year!



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