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Earthwatch Water Blitz - Calling Team WASP

Earthwatch has been in touch with WASP to talk about how we might support the biannual Thames Water Blitz taking phosphate and nitrate samples.

Help make our rivers SAFE FOR ALL

It is a great project and we are asking our volunteers to register and get out on the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in the Thames area. Rivers Windrush, Evenlode, Coln, Leach, Cherwell and many, many others in that region.

It doesn't matter if you duplicate locations, especially on rivers where the moving water can bring many changes during the day. sewage effluent comes out in peaks, morning and evening, for example.

Here is the link - Copy it to your browser

If you are already registered from previous years just sign in.

25 - 28 September as part of a walk or a visit to the water. You can get up to 5 kits.

Please sign up and if you want to let us know where you are testing and want to get more involved helping WASP do this with our kit, more frequently, please get in touch.

Send photos on the day if you can and we will put a gallery up and share on social media and with Earthwatch.



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