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First Sewage Outfall.

Down through the rest of Adam Henson's farm we found some lovely stretches of water and a wildlife haven.

A riverfly survey gave very good results with very many cased and caseless caddis of various species which we know will unfortunately disappear from our nets as we move donstream. The questions will be; where and why? These are caseless caddis in the photo.

The flat bodied nymphs were big and present in good numbers and we even found what we think were bullhead eggs under a rock. Any other opinions welcome. Of course they were carefully replaced where they came from.

However, no sign of any kingfishers so far and very few fish up here. In fact it was quite an effort to catch one bullhead.

Anyone know specifically what this fellow is?

Then we arrived here on a tributary of the Windrush not far from the confluence. This stream is about the same size so really adds some water to the river. Not all of it welcome..

More on this coming up soon.

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