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Thank you for being part of our growing network of supporters.

We are about to start a journey down the river and to capture some images so now is a good time to look back as well.

The old mill building at Widford circa 1925.

In September we intend to walk the whole of the Windrush from the source in Gloucestershire to the Thames. We will be sampling, testing and observing along the way. There will be plenty of progress reports and photos as we go. If you know of any areas that need a close look or you want to show us anything or meet us on the way, please get in touch,

We are gaining some excellent professional scientific support and will be making the most of that in the coming months. Much more to follow about that.

If you have any photos of any sections of the river from back in the days when it was full of life, please let us know. They will probably be old printed photos or video/cine film of course and we can copy and convert the old film formats. We will copy and return anything you provide us.

Maybe ask your friends and neighbours and get them interested. Just contact us via the website if you have anything, and that includes your memories of the river. We would love to capture these stories and images so that no one can tell the present and next generation that the river was always like it is today.

Below is a photo of the Windrush at Widford pre internet, pre NHS and pre Second World War!

Pre washing machines, dishwashers, birth control hormones, statins, most antibiotics, multi resistant bacteria, road run off, chemical cocktails, fatbergs etc etc etc. Industrial pollution from the mills was probably the big issue back then.

Photos from 1925 sales catalogue for the Swinbrook Estate.

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