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It's alive!

The Windrushwasp website has been live for just over a week and your support has turned an idea into a real thing.

We are in touch with local and national groups and working on a variety of ways to get this story to the whole community. You can help by passing on the link and suggesting different ways to get the message out there. Already we have made positive contacts with the Green Party, our local MP Robert Courts, Friends of the Earth, the WWF, Thames Water and the many supporters who hold the key to sorting this mess out.

The leaflets which the Green Party asked us to produce have been snapped up and we are distributing them at other locations around the area.

As summer comes we will be developing a program of ongoing investigation and research which we hope will fill in the gaps in the story and help stop this bizarrely medieval practice of dumping our pollution in our river. If you want to help with any of this work, please let us know.

This week we are looking for your help to identify some people to move us forward.

1. We would love to hear from a botanist, especially one with knowledge of aquatic plant life.

2. We are looking for photos and video, even cine film of the Windrush back in the days when it was looking healthy. Anything pre 2015 would be good and before and after would be great but we can easily take new photos this year. These will probably be summer or autumn shots when the river was not in flood.

Here are two examples. On the left July 2009 and the right August 2017. Same place!

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