Your Home River

There is an 80% chance that your home river is failing and unhealthy if you live in England and Wales. 


We know that  the River Coln is a joy to behold above the sewage works at Fairford and that below it is a much poorer version of itself. We know that the Environment Agency were trying to replant weed that was lost there. There could be no clearer example of a big finger pointing at a suspect but nothing happens.

The World Wildlife Fund have published a comprehensive report which sets out much of what we also discovered at the same time they were investigating. If you want authoritative reporting take a look at the Flushed Away Report

We think there is power in numbers and the communities of the failing rivers and those who will soon fail should link up and stand up against this scandalous abuse of our environment and health.

Get in touch and share your story. 


Find out if your river is failing

Most of Britain's rivers are failing to achieve good ecological status under the EU Water Framework directive. The figures for England were 83% of them failing in 2015, declining from 71% failing in 2014 and since then we have not been told! In 2015 only 0.08 or eight in ten thousand of England's rivers achieved a high ecological status. Whe knew there were ten thousand? The chances are that your local river will have declined in your lifetime after the much heralded improvements announced in the 1990s. What can you do

1. Get some photos of the river from recent years. It seems that pre 2012 may be a significant point in time. Then get some present day photos in the same locations. Was the river clearer? Was there more abundant weed growth in the  river, if it is that type of river.

2. How varied and prolific is the insect life? Are there dragonflies (sometimes amongst the first to be killed off). What about bird life?

Talk to the Environment Agency and look up the state of your river on their website. They may tell you that you have nothing to be concerned about but your own investigations may be more informative as they seem to have very limited resources devoted to this issue. They may also assure you that sewage pollution is not an issue. Make up your own mind about that.

4. Find out who is your local water supplier. Both they and the Environment Agency are subject of the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Request Legislation. Here are some questions you may fine usefu. First for the EA:

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