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Sewage is hot!

With The Times and the i - newspaper both launching national water pollution campaigns last week sewage pollution has been all over the news.

On Monday, The Times launched this front page - including a quote from WASP.

We have been working with the Times team for some months and it's great to see the launch by the Times and the i-newspaper which have also inspired other papers to join.

The Times Launches its raw sewage and pollution campaign

You can read some of the articles here. Featuring mainly volunteer campaigners from across the country.

Getting the truth out has taken a while and relentless media expose's, notably those about the serial criminality revealed by WASP's Prof Peter Hammond, have hit the mark many times over, and now the major political parties are in competition over sorting out the shambles but let's face it, getting tougher than the current Environment Act won't be difficult.

The water industry scam is now a voting issue.

In response to months of scandal, rather than work together to end lawbreaking for profit, Defra has made a ruthless and sometimes truthless effort to pacify the public and carry on as normal.

However, it has been unable to stifle scandal after scandal often articulated by one of the strongest voices of the campaign, the renowned Feargal Sharkey whose grasp of the facts and ability to deliver them on countless TV, Radio and newspaper interviews has been game-changing.

Meanwhile, the hard evidence exposed by groups like WASP, Wild Fish and Surfers Against Sewage, and the bathing water applications pioneered by Ilkley Clean River Group has underpinned the movement. WASP has just joined a new alliance of these groups and others, as founder members, to share skills and knowledge - more to come on that.

Is it making a difference? - You may already know about the ongoing kerfuffle surrounding the government forcing MPs to vote in 2021 to let water companies keep on polluting.

Now it looks like there may at least be a positive spin-off from that as it appears that many more MPs may rebel and refuse to ditch the protections of the vitally important Water Framework Directive that is retained European law and is under threat from the impending bonfire of environmental law. The CEO of the Environment Agency has been trying to bin it for some time as it clearly shows the harsh failure of regulation and the water industry - and that is highly embarrassing - and most importantly, true.

We know the law needs to stay to hold both of them to account and stop the industry and the regulators fiddling the figures.

Front page of the i - newspaper - news to WASP but we have been providing information to its journalists

Keep an eye out on the Times this week - WASP's Prof Peter Hammond has some new analysis - broadening the scandal from the dumping of untreated sewage, which is a big problem, but as some water companies have indicated, there are other ways to wreck our waters...

- this is how the water companies maximise profits and bonuses at the expense of the public and nature.



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