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Windrush murkiness..

People have been talking about the increasingly murky colour of the Windrush for years. Here is what WASP discovered in two afternoons this week. Thanks to In-Situ for loaning us the turbidity meter.

Now you want to know what this all means? Look at the red dotted lines for the Windrush.

Look at the Sherborne Brook reading.

This was our first run at it and the numbers may even be on the low side of what is developing in places.

And here we are doing some of the testing in Witney.

This is aboutraising awareness, kick starting the long discussed Environment Agency/Thames Water sponsored turbidity study and not just sitting here watchingtheriver die.

Just maybe we can all work together towards bringing the Windrush back to health for all of us.

And to remind ourselves why - this was taken today,11 July at Newbridge with the Windrush joining the Thames.

Windrush is on the.......

Right! That's right!

Look at the map at the top to see how the Thames below the Windrush is more murky than before she joins.

Watch this space to see what happens next...

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