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WODC Water Day 4 October.

WASP will be one of the four invited groups involved in the WODC Water Day on 4th October. Set up by the council to address local problems with flooding and pollution. The other three are Thames Water, The Environment Agency and the council flood teams.

The public can attend by contacting

Here is an extract from the WODC newsletter.

River Windrush pollution was recently highlighted by the BBC’s Countryfile programme and there is a ‘Windrush against Sewage Pollution’ (WASP) pressure group.

Key issues that will be addressed at the ‘Water Day' are:

  • The Environment Agency’s response to the pollution of the River Windrush, and other concerns about water quality in the river network

  • Thames Water network issues – eg. sewerage, sustainability going forward, and planning for new development

  • Flooding Issues relating to development to accommodate population growth.

Also invited are town and parish councils, Oxfordshire County Council flood team, WASP (Windrush against Sewage Pollution) and Robert Courts the Member of Parliament for Witney. The proposal for the ‘Water Day’ was made by Cllr David Harvey and supported by the Council’s Environment Overview & Scrutiny committee.

We will be doing our very best to break the cycle of decline and the lowering of environmental expactations for each successive generation!

We will also be asking how the Water Industry and Environment Agency are addressing the threat from multi resistant bacteria developing in sewage treatment plants and rendering antibiotics ineffective. This is already being taken very seriously in Switzerland, Sweden and Germany, for example.

This card gives you some links for those of who would like to look a little deeper.

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