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Windrushwasp on BBC TV Countryfile!

BBC Countryfile reporter Tom Heap broke the story about the abuse of combined sewage overflows and the pollution of our rivers yesterday. Windrush Against Sewage Pollution played a major part in the program as you may have seen. The clip is coming soon.

If you watched, you would have seen that the response of the water industry and Environment Agency is to MONITOR, not stop or reduce, the overflows by 2025 and then only 80% of them! No wonder we are in this state.

That pathetic response will mean the end of many of Britain's rivers. Customers have paid for a proper service and deserve very much better.

Is this really what we think we should give to today's children and grandchildren? Turning their once clean rivers from national assets to national liabilities so that the water industry can maintain its massive profits? We need your voices to be heard and we need a lot of them to raise the volume.

Please subscribe (it's free!) and keep following our pages and bring in more supporters as we get to grips with this over the summer. With your help, we can win this.

Keep following our pages and spread the word please. With your help, we can win this.

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