Investigating the health of our rivers

Sewage can be legally discharged into rivers

Sewage discharges can be permitted 'due to rainfall or snowmelt'. Even then, the sewage is supposed to be treated to certain standards.


There have been many 'unpermitted' sewage spills

The Environment Agency is responsible for policing sewage discharges. However, our data suggests that there have been many more unpermitted spills than those identified and prosecuted.


Number of days when sewage was spilled that didn't meet minimum treatment standards

WASP data and analysis, verified by Thames Water

  • N/A - No data available for analysis

  • ? - Awaiting response from Thames Water

  • Blank - Analysis not yet completed


How we gathered and analysed this data

Suggest we have a few short sentences explaining at a high level how we collected and analysed the data in the table above.
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