Confidential Contact

Do you have information about wrongdoing connected with the sewage treatmet process or protection of the environment from sewage pollution? 


If you work in or around the water industry you may have information about something you think is wrong.

Maybe you have seen something.

You may have heard something.

You may have done something you know or think

was wrong.

Your employer may have a whilstleblowers policy. There is legislation to protect people who reveal wrongdoing at work. Here is the link https://www.gov.uk/whistleblowing

You may not want to take that route but may want to tell someone who can use the information to make a difference. 

If you contact us using our special email address your message will be read by only one person. Your information will not be shared or acted upon without first agreeing a course of action with you. Your identity will not be disclosed to anyone unless you agree to that.

You do dot have to give your identity although it would be preferable.

You should not use your work computer, laptop, phone or other device to contact us. You should not tell anyone you are doing so unless you are absolutely sure that is the right thing for you to do.

You should not make the contact where anyone can read what you are writing.

Do not leave messages on your device which someone else can read.

These are all measure to take if you are concerned about confidentiality. 

You may want to open a separate email account purely for this purpose.


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